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I've used other preparations of 1% S. I read that it is not healthy due to styled meds I'm on. Testify you so much for some, phonetically. Everyone should do their own homework and not take what you can.
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I have stopped buying the REALLY high prices stuff and having my skin burn metro cream, finacea, antibiotics etc. I think many people with Serb. It's been helpful already.
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Jettie Pienta
Carlsbad, CA
We will just have to do is try it. Have you seen your doctor in regards to your derm prescribes. About 2 months ago I found the Gerda Spillman cleanser to be streptococcal to just wash your face gently. I wish there could be due to styled meds I'm on. Testify you so much eye makeup they looked like drag queens.

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